Rafting the Athabasca River – Jasper, Alberta (Canada)

Rafting in Jasper, Alberta (Canada)

By Rich Webb
Senior Writer/AlbertaRafting.org

JASPER, ALBERTA, Canada – Rafting the Athabasca River is an excellent way to experience some fun on a vacation to Jasper, Alberta. Not to mention, it is also one of the most beautiful river routes to test your meddle while in this region of Canada – the Athabasca River flows from the striking Columbia Icefields, approximately 100 kilometers south of Jasper.

Enjoy both calm and rapid water with great views of the Athabasca Valley. The Athabasca River is a fine place for Jasper rafters in seek of a complete and fun-filled Canadian Rockies vacation adventure along its 5-mile and heritage routes.

The best time of the year to book rafting vacations on the Athabasca River is from May to September. Be sure to bring the proper equipment; warm jacket, hat, sneakers that can get wet and a change of clothes/shoes. Most rafting stores where you rent equipment provide life jackets and are led by experienced guides.

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