Going rafting? Don’t forget a deck of cards!

3 decks engineered to survive the rigors of the great outdoors

Canada has become a veritable heaven for poker players in the past decade or so. Interest in the popular card game has increased in the Great White North in recent years, thanks in no small part to proud Canadian Daniel Negreanu, who is considered one of the greatest poker players of our time and is currently in the top three on the Global Poker Index Player of the Year list.

g1The country has also become one of the stops in the major live poker tournament circuit. Just earlier this month, the chic Playground Poker club in Quebec played host to Partypoker’s WPT National: Canadian Spring Championship. While this year’s event was more like your typical tournament, last year’s Canadian Spring Championship was distinctive in that it managed to combine two great pastimes into one: poker and the great outdoors. Competitors and guests alike were brought face to face with the St. Lawrence River’s raging waters when they were taken out for a day of jet boating.

Now, jet boating is a markedly different beast compared to rafting, but it does serve the purpose of illustrating how poker – basically one of the quintessential indoor games – has infiltrated even the great outdoors. In fact, a deck of playing cards is one of the most recommended pieces of non-essential equipment you can bring out to a day of rafting or camping. After all, they’re pretty cheap and can be used for a lot of games. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who wants to spend a little time having fun under the sun with a deck of playing cards, here are some decks specifically built to be able to withstand the rigors of the great outdoors.

g2Bicycle Prestige Standard Deck – Built to be one of the most durable decks that ever came out of the United States Playing Card Company’s factories, the Prestige deck is made using crease-resistant Dura-Flex. The cards are all 100 percent plastic but still have a paper-like feel.

Maxpedition Tactical Field Deck All Weather Playing Cards – As you can glean from the name, these Maxpedition cards are engineered to withstand any and all adverse weather conditions (barring fire raining from the skies, of course). The cards themselves are made of waterproof 0.31mm PVC construction and have a matte finish for low reflectivity.

g3Glow-in-the-Dark Playing Cards – These don’t look like your ordinary playing cards, and that’s because they’re not. These 100% plastic cards from Useful Things are waterproof and glow in the dark, making them perfect for those who want to stay overnight under the stars. When fully charged, they can glow for up to two hours. You simply put them near a light source to charge them up. They also come in a waterproof case.

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