Rafting the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

Rafting the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

CALGARY, ALBERTA (CANADA) – The first time I went whitewater river rafting in Calgary, Alberta was on a long weekend trip to the Bow River. Alberta’s natural beauty was showing off that day with the sun shining bright and the sky a fantastic blue. After we got a good drift going, we cruised along the rapids and completely enjoyed our existence in Canada’s warm summer. Because of the Bow’s calming waters, it’s easy to lay in the sun and let your worries float away as you float towards Calgary.

Whitewater rafting the Bow River is a great way to spend a hot day in Calgary. The clear mornings, steamy afternoons and cooled evenings offer a great setting to drift along the scenic glens and under freeways. You too can enjoy a relaxing float on one of Alberta’s great rivers.

To plan your own memorable trip rafting the Bow River, remember there are several rental options in town. Don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-519-4770 or 403-774-7215 or use our contact form if you have any questions about rafting the Bow River, or any other Alberta river.

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