Corporate Team Building Whitewater Rafting on the Kicking Horse River – Alberta, Canada

White Water Rafting on the Kicking Horse River - Alberta, Canada

Banff Rafting Association

BANFF, ALBERTA, Canada – The Kicking Horse River is more than a vacation destination for tourists or families in search of white water rafting fun on these rapids in Alberta, Canada. It is also a popular corporate trip for employers and team leaders who use the excursion as an opportunity to do some team building in a fun and safe environment.

Braving nature together in the wilderness of Banff along the Kicking Horse River can help create a stronger, more effective team in the office. Follow the tips provided from the Banff Rafting Association’s approved outfitters for a successful exercise!

Corporate Team Building Guidelines

  • It is important to select a team building message as a central theme for your day on the Kicking Horse River. Deal with changes in the office to developing confidence with calculated risk taking.
  • Clearly identify and define your goals.
  • Arrange for transportation to the rafting site for your staff. Employers can create more team building by traveling together by a van or bus.
  • Do the research. Rafting outfitters are able to customize the outing to meet your needs, including providing motivational instruction that ties in with your team building message.
  • Be sure your staff can handle the adventure. There are weight concerns, and other health-related issues. Also, it is required people know how to swim.
  • Plan a cookout for the end of the trip as a reward for braving the rapids together. As your team collects, encourage each member to share a story about the day’s adventure.
  • Use the ride home to allow your staff time for quiet contemplation of the day’s events. After going head-to-head with the rapids, the staff should be tired but also  ready to face the every-day tasks of life in the office.

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